Defining art of misdirection
 Strategy meets Dexterity, creating a combination of three dimensional play. This decision of movement game requires advanced planning and strategic positioning.
Played across a constantly changing balance gameboard, gravity can be your best friend or overwhelming enemy in this unique game.
The playing arena operates by utilising the built in wedging system, allowing a number of moves before the gameboard will become unbalanced.
Defend your position, counter attack, gain the upper hand by forcing your opponent to make mistakes.
Defeat your adversary by capturing their defended position or force them into making the wrong decision, leading to the ultimate collapse of the board.
Category  -- Medium Abstract/ Dexterity
Players      --  2 Person
Age              --  8+
Play             --  20 - 30 min
Included   --  Can be played over a series of multiple games / determine an overall winner.


At a time when

 'Life resembled Normality' 





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