In the Mind of Child

The Inquisitive  mind 

is the most wonderful thing !

School's out then it's a dash home, scribble down the homework then onto the important stuff. 

Out with the biscuit tin !

The place you keep your most prized tools of creation.  LEGO!

Tip it on the floor and it's on with the next magnificent creation to unleash on the world.

This I may add is the point where all all who dare to walk without shoes, do so at their own peril.

So Iv'e been at it now for two hours solid but I still can't find the missing eye for my robot !

I Know I had it in the garden ! or was it under my bed ? then comes the moment of   Eureka ! 

Problem solved  it's out with the magic marker.

OK  so it's not perfect, one eye is a bit bigger than the other and to be fair it's a bit lower. But if you squint at it and turn your head to the side.

The Point Is I had created something fantastic from my own thoughts and solved the problem by being creative.

But  more importantly  and all that matters.  


As Inventors and Designers we continually strive to understand what is Important in the mind of a child. If we think back to our early years, there will always be that short extra special moment in time. If we could capture and bottle the essence of that moment we could create some wonderful things.

Recently I had the privilege via Instagram of coming in to contact with a young man who for me, via his own unique YouTube channel, exemplified moments that captivate that special combination of make believe and reality .

AA Cuber has to be my favourite channel.

The inspiration that drives us to create.

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